How To Save Money On Your Renovation Project

So you used Remodel It to estimate the costs of renovation projects and find a great contractor for the job, but you want to save some money on your project. Who doesn’t!?
Contractors typically charge a % of the total project cost as their fee, this we know. But here’s a little known fact, this includes the materials they purchase. You can reduce the amount in fees paid simply by purchasing some materials yourself. Amazing right!?
Now this doesn’t mean you should go ordering lumber or plumbing supplies. Certain items are best left to the pros, but items like appliances, vanities, and light fixtures are great items to purchase on your own, if you can manage the logistics. These items are typically easy enough for you to store in a dry place until they are needed. Additionally, large quantity orders like flooring are best handled by the contractor.
Another thing to consider is moving the materials to where they will be stored during the renovation. Some deliveries are curbside only which will require you to move the material from the curb to its storage location. If you cant move the items on your own or simply don’t have enough dry space to keep the materials, it may be best to let the contractor handle the material purchasing.
Lastly, be sure to factor in any trade discounts your contractor might get. Depending on the discount amount, this can make up for the additional cost in contractor fees. If this is the case, the contractor handle the ordering logistics.
If you do plan to order materials yourself, make sure you coordinate with the contractor for delivery dates and the right quantities. Delays in ordering, mistakes in the quantity, or incorrect item sizes can end up costing you more, so make sure you and your contractor are on the same page.
It also becomes your responsibility to receive the delivery, inspect the delivered materials, and handle returns of damaged items. If you aren’t able to be present for the deliveries, again, let the contractor handle the ordering
So if you can manage the deliveries and store them in a dry place, consider ordering some of the materials to save on your next renovation project!