How To Get Homebuyers Excited About Renovations

What’s more exciting for a buyer than finding that diamond in the rough and shaping it into the beautiful home they imagine it can be? Not only is investing in a home a wise financial decision, but the home also becomes a reflection of your clients’ taste, family, and lifestyle in the process. Getting your buyers excited about the possibilities a home has to offer is an essential part of helping a buyer realize the full potential of their investment.
Set their expectations
The first thing to do is set their expectations and assess their experience level. Have they done home renovations before, or are they first time home buyers? Are they planning to do the renovations themselves or hire a general contractor? If they plan to do it themselves, are they handy people, or do they not know how to swing a hammer?
People love HGTV (I do too!), but TV can set unrealistic expectations. As a result, they may think they can do more in a shorter amount of time than is possible. As their trusted advisor, make sure your buyer fully understands the renovation project(s) they plan to undertake.
Understand what your client likes in a home.
Get into the mind of your client and learn about their styles and preferences. Do they like country farm style or modern? Do they prefer an open floor plan or a more traditional layout? Have them favorite properties they like on Zillow and Pinterest. You can use this information to help them imagine the possibilities of their new home.
Help them imagine the possibilities.
Many people have a hard time picturing what a space might look like after a renovation or even with a fresh coat of paint. Help them visualize the room, paint a verbal picture using your understanding of their likes and dislikes while touring a home. Better yet, most people respond best to images, so use tools like Remodel It’s Inspire Me feature to find and share inspiration with your client. They will thank you for helping them imagine the home of their dreams!
Show them how renovations will increase the value of their home.
For most Americans, buying a home is the single most significant investment they will make, and according to a 2020 report by the National Association of Realtors, eighty-one percent of all buyers reported they viewed buying a home as a good investment.
Don’t just tell your buyer how improving their home’s quality will positively affect the value of their investment; show them! Use Remodel It to compare their potential home to other homes for sale in the neighborhood that are of higher quality. Analyze the $/sqft of these higher quality homes to calculate how much value a buyer stands to gain by making specific improvements.
Few things are as gratifying as helping your client find a fixer-upper and shape it into a home they are proud to own. More than a wise financial decision, a renovated home becomes a personal expression of their taste, family and lifestyle. That’s something that’s impossible to put a price on and is sure you bring you many future referrals.