How Long Does it Take to Remodel a Bathroom?

You may be surprised to learn that planning for a renovation typically takes about twice as long as the renovation itself!
Homeowners spend on average 5-6 months planning a bathroom renovation and 3 months under construction.* Reasons for this time frame can vary, but we’ve broken it down in simple terms below.
Bathroom renovations are often tricky due to confined spaces, limitations caused by plumbing requirements, and surrounding room layouts.
When searching inspiration for their dream bathroom, homeowners can find tons of ideas from sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to keep track of all this inspiration, and the question remains – will the design you love fit your current layout and budget?
Once you’ve put the puzzle pieces together to determine what you want to do with your bathroom, the next step is assessing the cost.
Homeowners often rely on friends and family, lead generation platforms, and advertisements to find a contractor. This is a time-consuming process, and homeowners don’t know if they’re getting the right professional for their job! After handing over the designs, consumers often wait weeks to get pricing. If subcontractors have to be brought in to price specific parts of the project, this can add significant time. All in all, homeowners could be looking at up to an 8 month project!
Homeowners using Remodel It to find inspiration and estimate renovation costs can cut the back-and forth between contractors and designers, saving up to 2 months of the planning process! Once we help you get construction underway, don’t forget to follow our tips on keeping you home clean during a renovation.
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