5 Renovations Projects To Sell A Home Fast


No matter if you are a homeowner or real estate agent, here are 5 renovation projects to help you sell your home fast. If you want to estimate the costs of your projects before talking to a contractor, or want to match with certified contractors to get the work done, head over to Remodel It and sign up!
1. Paint
Painting is one of the best bang for your buck renovations you can do. This is especially important to do if you have bold or outdated colors. Use neutral colors like white or light gray. Light colors make the space brighter, feel more open, and help give a potential buyer a clean canvas for them to imagine their new home. Another bonus of painting is that it can help remove odors from the home, like smoke, which are a big turn off to many potential buyers. Most professionals can complete the job in a few short days and it will completely transform the space!
2. Increase that curb appeal
Its often been said “You only get one chance to make a first impression”, and although potential buyers likely have seen photos of the home before they arrive, you want to make sure they are impressed when they pull up to the house. Complete some simple landscaping which can make a world of difference in the curb appeal of the home. Trim up any hedges or trees that may be blocking light into the windows, pull out that burly old bush and replace it with some nice flowers. Your local landscaper will make quick work of this in an afternoon!
A new front door can transform the front of your home and even just a fresh coat of paint can really make the entrance to a potential buyer’s new home pop. So in addition to landscaping, consider dressing up the entrance to really make a great first impression.
3. Install new light fixtures
Installing new light fixtures is surprisingly easy and they can quickly modernize the feel of the room. There are tons of lighting options out there from sites like Wayfair, Lamps Plus, and Overstock, so find some to replace those outdated lights and put them up!
4. Replace old carpets and refinish wood floors.
Updated floors are a great way to improve the look of your home and increase its value. If the seller has already started to declutter and pack, which they should have, replacing old carpet and buffing up those scratched hardwood floors are easily done in a weekend by professionals. These projects will really freshen up the overall look and feel of the house. Plus, as with painting, replacing carpets can help remove odors from pets and smoking.
5. Minor kitchen and bathroom upgrades
Avoid major kitchen and bathroom renovations right before a sale and instead focus on smaller renovation projects to improve the overall appearance. Consider painting the cabinets and updating the hardware. The same goes for the bathroom. Paint the vanity, update the hardware and replace outdated fixtures like towel bars, faucets and shower heads.
One of my favorite bathroom renovation projects it to refinish that ugly, outdated shower tile and bathtub. It’s much less expensive than replacing the tile and will really improve the overall look. I definitely recommend hiring a professional bathroom refinishing company to do this for you the right way!
If you need help and guidance finding certified contractors and estimating renovation costs, sign up and start renovating!