3 Simple Remodeling Tips To Give Your Seller


Did you know 79% of sellers make on average 3 improvements to their home before listing which pay off with an offer above list price?*
As the sellers’ agent and guide, it’s your job to gently remind them that they are moving on from the house that created so many fantastic memories, and they spent years personalizing. It’s time for another family to make it their, own and to do that, the buyer has to be able to picture your home as their home. This can be a challenge, but as their agent, you must show them that making these changes will lead to a quicker sale at the highest possible price.
1. Paint
Painting is one of the best bang for your buck renovations you can do. It’s easy enough for someone to do on their own, and it can completely transform the space. This is especially important to do if your seller has bold or outdated colors. Recommend the seller uses neutral colors like white or light gray. Remind the seller that the house will soon belong to someone else with their own preferences. Light colors make the space feel more open and help give a potential buyer a clean canvas for them to imagine their new home.
Another bonus of painting is that it can help remove odors from the home, like smoke, which are a big turn off to many potential buyers. If you need to get the job done quickly, it’s best to hire professionals who can come in with a full crew and get it done in a few days. Remodel It can help you find the best local painters to recommend to your client.
2. Increase that curb appeal
It’s been said, “You only get one chance to make a first impression” and although potential buyers likely have seen photos of the home before they arrive, you want to make sure they are impressed when they pull up to the house. Recommend doing some simple landscaping, which will make a world of difference in the curb appeal of the home. Suggest they trim up any hedges or trees that may be blocking light into the windows, pull out that burly old bush, and replace it with some lovely flowers.
A new front door can also make a world of difference, and even just a fresh coat of paint can really make the entrance to a potential buyer’s new home pop. So, in addition to landscaping, consider dressing up the entrance to make a great first impression.
ProTip: Dressing up the home for the season is another great way to increase the curb appeal. Especially when selling a home in “off” months like the fall and winter.
3. Replace old carpets and refinish wood floors.
Updated floors are a great way to improve the look of your home and increase its value. If the seller has already started to declutter and pack, which they should have, replacing old carpet and buffing up those scratched hardwood floors are easily done in a weekend by professionals. These projects will really freshen up the overall look and feel of the house.
Plus, as with painting, replacing carpets can help remove odors from pets and smoking. In our opinion, its best to hire professionals to do this job right the first time. Remodel It will give you free cost estimates for your clients’ projects and connect them with certified professionals.
If the homeowner objects to making any suggested improvements because of the cost, you may want to consider financing options such as Curbio or Compass Concierge. Volume is paramount to the real estate agent, so finding simple and effective ways to sell a home quickly is vital to your business.
Easily impress a potential seller by using Remodel It to help you quickly assess project costs and show them the added value they can expect by taking on these few simple projects. When the seller is ready to proceed, use Remodel It to connect with local contractors to help get the job done right!